We offer a wide variety of technology services and solutions from web design to database development. Whether you simply need help building a small piece of your site or you need to roll out a complete redesign of your web site, we can help!

We work with state of the art open source products and languages. This has the advantage of keeping costs to a minimum and gives our clients top notch products that are continually growing in their capability with a community of developers and supporters. We work in languages like PHP and PERL in order to build HTML and XHTML web pages to fit your needs. For data storage we use open source database products like MYSQL and PostgreSQL to store the data. These are all excellent products to build applications and web pages.

For those looking to build a complete site, Rooty Hollow staff are experts in building web pages in the Content Management System (or CMS) Drupal. Drupal is a robust CMS that allow its users to change and add to their web site from any computer in the world simply by logging in with your web browser.

For those of you who prefer non-open source products, we have plenty of experience working in known proprietary products like Microsoft's Visual Basic, Access Database or their enterprise level database product Sql Server, including building membership tracking databases, contribution web pages, and simple automation programs to make repetitive tasks move faster and more efficiently.