What's in a name

Rooty Hollow is a a beautiful place of inspiration and solitude in the Hocking Hills state park in Southeastern Ohio.  It is personally known only to those whom are willing to hike off the beaten path.  The journey involves traipsing through snarls of underbrush, lush thickets, and steep ravines.  It is a place owned and available to all, but accessible only to those who venture to seek it out.  

Working with open source software can be a similar experience, with a final destination that provides a substantial return on investment.  We understand that not everyone is a developer, nor should they be.  However, we also believe this should not stop great ideas from affecting the world.  

At Rooty Hollow, we pride ourselves in being fearlessly innovative.  We understand that your needs are unique, and tailoring an open source solution to fit your organization's specific application will require a few trailblazers.

We understand you have a vision and a passion for what you do.  We are here to facilitate that vision with a reliable, sustainable, and customizable solution that will liberate you from the financial burdens of licenses and subscription fees.

For that reason, our company is named for a destination discovered.  Rooty Hollow, the location, has provided years of satisfaction to our founder, just as we are confident that Rooty Hollow, the web and data solutions firm, will provide for you.

What is a Hollow?

Like much of the Appalachian region, the Hocking Hills are filled with small hollows, U-shaped depressions carved out by small river tributaries and creeks. Generally speaking, hollows are the cousins to gorges, like the New River Gorge in West Virginia, or even the grand daddy of them all, the Grand Canyon. Though most hollows will never reach the scale of their larger cousins, barring a radical shift in the flow of our major rivers, they still offer an unique geological and geographical environment.