Rooty Hollow LLC was founded to help your organization build its technological infrastructure needs. Your needs may vary from help with development, databases and web pages, or you may simply need advice to help you sort thorough the cacophony of acronyms created by the world of technology. No matter your needs, we will work with you to create an elegant solution to your issues, taking your technological worries off your shoulders.

Your viewing of this web page means you are aware of the importance of the internet in our daily lives. The web has become an integral strategy in attempts to reach out to clients and members. Not long ago you were on the cutting edge if you were using e-mail and the web. Now you may be getting that sinking feeling you are behind the times if you don't have a web strategy of your own. Web development is one of the many services we offer for anyone from the non-technical user who has no idea what it takes to get started, to the seasoned developer who know the ins and outs of database driven web sites. Rooty Hollow can be a resource for you.

We have the experience to help you build enterprise level applications to track millions of constituents. Conversely we are always happy to help you fix the smallest of technical issues. Please contact us to get a quote on your next job, or simply to see if we will be a fit.