Your database is the mainstay of your organization. You may have your list of constituents in an Excel spreadsheet, conversely you may have a large enterprise database holding thousands of records. We can help you to maintain and expand you capacity to track and learn more about your constituents.

Databases hold the information most valuable to any successful business or organization - your constituents. At their core, databases are simply systems that allow you to store, retrieve and review data. The vast complexity of navigating through an entire organization's needs is what makes working with databases such a daunting task.

More and more databases have come to be used for more and more purposes. For example, this web site's pages are stored in a database, as is the case with more and more web sites in this day and age. Databases allow you to have dynamic systems, web sites, manuals, cash registers, and more that return information based on the input from the users while making it easier to program the interfaces. No longer do you need to design each page for each possible issue you want to deal with in a program. You simple input a record into the tables in you database and the program takes care of formatting and presenting the information to the end user.

Rooty Hollow is here to help you build, maintain, and upgrade your database architecture

Services we offer include:

Database Development
Local database systems (Microsoft Access, Foxpro, File Maker Pro)
Online enterprise systems (MYSQL, SQL Server, PostGRES)
Membership tracking (CRM)
Sales tracking (CRM)
Database Clean-up
Remove duplicates
Address clean-up, address standardization, track address changes
Guide you through the process of implementing a new database system, be it a custom system or something "off the shelf"