Web Content Management (Drupal)

A Content Management System allows for the easy updating and maintenance of any website. The system exists solely as a web application, meaning it can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection.

Through the use of templates, the system allows for central control of the entire site's design while making updating the content as simple as opening a browser. No knowledge of programming, HTML, PHP, etc..., is required to work with a Content Management System. Most systems have hundreds of modules, sometimes referred to as plug-ins, allowing for the simple and efficient addition of features to the site.

At Rooty Hollow LLC we have developed expertise in the Drupal Content Management System. Drupal is one of many systems built in an open source language. We chose Drupal for its flexibility and power. Drupal currently runs over 80,000 sites throughout the world from large companies like Sony to tens of thousands of smaller sites.

Drupal's extensive development community has created thousands of modules to allow for anything from advanced e-commerce to easy to use and maintain constituent databases. The code behind Drupal is PHP, a secure open-source language. The content of the site is stored in a database, interacting with PHP (MYSQL or PostGRE).

Again, once we are done setting your system up you will need no knowledge of any programming languages to update and maintain your site. With each site Rooty Hollow develops, we will provide the necessary training to allow you to maintain you site. A manual and training are provided as part of our quote.

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